Projects that are currently on the web, in use by clients.​

National Gallery of Art


National Gallery of Art held an exhibition of Itō Jakuchū's entire set of thirty 18th-century scrolls, on view for the first time outside of Japan. I photographed the event, the Japanese Monks, embassadors, experts and the exhibit. I also was part of the production for the video currently being used by the gallery's youtube which included on site mobile video, lighting, and audio (that's me holding the boom).

Department of Corrections


Spent a week on location producing a video highlighting the client advocacy program that reinitiates females released from prison back into society. I assisted in all aspects of the video production from lighting, audio, interviews, b-roll, shot lists, photography, and travel.

Veterans' Health Watch


I assisted in all video production aspects including set construction, multi camera operation, audio and lighting, and travel, producing over a dozen episodes of the Veterans' Health Watch.



I filmed videos for two attorneys at Odin Feldman and Pittleman Law Firm and did about 90% of the editing.

Veterans' Affairs


Spent three weeks at various locations filming instructional videos on cemetery maintenance for the US. Department of Veterans' Affairs. I assisted in all aspects of the video production from lighting, audio, interviews, b-roll, shot lists, photography, and travel.

Dulles Greenway


I filmed this video for the Dulles Greenway anual 'Drive for Charity' campaign. I also assisted in the editing.

Imagination Learning Center


I photographed the two center locations for their website and for print collateral including brochures and handbooks. I also helped in the design of a brochure. I also helped film the videos you will find on their home page.

Freight Matters


I photographed employees' headshots at Delcan for Freight Matters, and also filmed their video on green screen.


September 26, 2011

KUDOS Awards Breakfast on September 26, 2011. I photographed this event as non profit. The White House's website is currently using my photo.

TriVision Buzz


I set up lights, camera, and audio, and filmed the monthly video newsletter for TriVsion Studios.

Jon David Salon

April 2013

As one of two videographers, I was involved in filming a commercial for the Jon David Salon. A photo shoot was used as an element in the video for which I was the photographer.



I was involved in creating several videos including a commercial, training videos, and testimonials, as well as photography for printing and promotional material. I edited the script to the commercial, helped with the video shoots and was the photographer for the brochures, instructional manual and products.

Systems Furniture Gallery


 I photographed the interior and did the headhshots of the employees for their website.

Visit JMU

Fall 2010

Myself and 14 others created a "virtual tour" website for the college. Using all of the assorted skills we learned throughout our SMAD courses, we were able to engage every aspect of a functioning website including; building the site with wordpress, video, photography, virtual panoramic photography, advertising and marketing, and a virtual 3d layout of the campus, using Google Earth's 3d layer browser plug-in. Creating the 3d buildings for Google Earth was the second project we did for this class with each student making seven buildings on JMU's campus.

I lead the photography team of four, and I am responsible for over 80% of the photographs on the website, and for all of the virtual panoramics.

The GSA Building


As a photographer for TriVision Studios, I visited the GSA building in Washington DC once a month to photograph the progress on the construction for the modernization done by Whiting-Turner/ Walsh.

Smiles at Fairfax Corner

August 2011

I photographed the staff, and office for their website, also helped film their commercial.



During a riot at James Madison University, I snapped a photo that won me two awards. First place in spot news in both the Virginia Press Association collegiate photo contest and the Society of Professional Journalists Region 2 Mark of Excellence.

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