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"David's outside-the-box thinking and innovative ideas on productions have helped improve our shoots in a number of ways. If a problem arose or something needed improving, our team could always count on David to provide great insight. He thinks everything through and is the type of person you can let be and expect great results."

       -Mustafa Siddiq, Senior Editor and Director of Photography TriVision Studios 2013


“David is a reliable and knowledgeable videographer and photographer that has added a lot of value in his time with TriVision. He is often our "go-to" in many situations, and can work both independently and as part of a team.”

       -Sean Powell, Production Manager, TriVision Studios 2013


"David Casterline is one of the most reliable and talented photographer's I have managed. When David was assigned to a story I always knew that he would deliver high quality work, on time and with all the information we needed. David is a hardworking and dedicated individual who set the bar higher for everyone around him. I would recommend David to anyone who was considering hiring him."

       -Robert Boag, Photo Editor, The Breeze 2009-2010


"David was an excellent addition to The Breeze's photography staff. He was dedicated to the job and always submitted stellar work. David was one of the most reliable members of our team, taking on more photography assignments when others would pass. He was a pleasure to work with as a fellow staff photographer as well as to manage. Any company or organization would greatly benefit from having David in their workforce."

        -Adrienne Goldberg, Photo Editor, The Breeze 2008-2009



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